Reservations in Admission system

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In India, we still have reservations in admission systems. Or I would say category wise admissions. Yes, we have many categories here like SC, ST, General, OBC, Physically Handicap, DN and many more.
This should not be there to be quite honest and practical. I mean the categories should not be there to get the admissions. Rather they should help the students who are poor and wish to study and take admission with money.
People who are from SC, ST, OBC, PH category usually get admissions even if they have got low marks then those of Generals who have not got the admission in some let's say X college.
I'm not against SC, ST, OBC people, I'm against the category system which is being followed. If, a girl or guy whose father's income is more than 3 lacs a year, does she really need to get those benefits ? I mean, her father can feed her nicely, can make her study in some decent coaching classes too. But if that girl belongs to some category even if she gets quite low marks, she gets admission.
People from General category are really poor in this matter I can say. I mean even if after scoring better than those from SC, ST, OBC people, they don't get admissions.
In my college only, if your AIEEE score is below 174/360 and you belong to general category, you don't get admissions. But if you come in some category like SC, ST, OBC and you get even 50 marks you get admission in first round. How ridiculous! I mean, the real talent is not given a chance and due to some category things, they are disappointed and feel bad for not getting admission in some nice college and may commit suicide.
If you really want to help people in admission, you make it monitory condition wise, I mean if someone's father's income is lesser than 2.5Lacs/annum, they should be given help in college fees and not admissions.
I'm not saying that SC, ST, OBC people are not getting marks and not working hard or anything. They do but those are rare. A ground reality is that most of the time they get admissions in some IITs and NITs just because they belong to category.
Now a days, if you belong to some category like SC, ST, OBC.. You have a certain super power I can say.. You get admission easily anywhere.
Okay, There are lots of engineering college in India but very few Medical colleges and even if they are many, the Govt Medical colleges are less.
If you chose Biology ( Group B ) in twelfth and you don't get enough percentage, you are sure not to get admission. But, even if after getting 86% you are supposed to get admissions on Payment Seats, Then that's bad.  And with even 50-60% a guy from SC, ST, OBC category gets admission in some govt. medical college and studies for free. That's certainly is bad, isn't it ? You work hard, You get percentage and just due to some 50-60% reservations you don't get admissions in medical. And the worst thing is that, if you don't get admissions in Govt. Medical colleges the Private colleges fees, most of us can't afford. 4-5 Lacs per annum fees is no smaller thing. So, in the admission process of Medical, I would say there should NOT be any reservations.
Because, due to this reservation system, students get disapointed and sometimes may commit suicide. I'm not again saying, I'm not against SC, ST, OBC caste people. I'm against reserved seats for you in the admission process.

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Chirag Vaishnav said...

College is just the beginning, more reality regarding the topic you have posted comes after the college. Sometimes even you will curse you fate of being born in the General category.

A Bad Blogger said...

Yes. You are right. I felt the same when I didn't get admission even after getting 50% score in AIEEE in the first round.

Mehul Vaidya said...

There is no solution in our lifetime till this vote bank politics exist unless some bloody revolution take place.