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Policemen are usually known as the corrupt people, no? Yes, for me, a BIG BIG yes! But, one more thing.. Not all the policemen are corrupt but 60% are.
Why is their impression so bad that without even a solid proof we call them corrupt and fraud ?
Yes, I have the answer. Do you see policemen doing their duty PROPERLY everyday ? I guess No. At least I don't see them doing it everyday. They do it just like they do on the days when CM or some Big man comes. Why not on other days ? Answer : If they work everyday like they do on the day when some politician or some big man come, they are not Indian Policemen.
Yes, I am not saying all are like that but most are like that. yes, there are many policemen who are damn honest and who are damn regular in their duty. I have a great respect for them. But just because of other policemen who don't work honestly, these guys can not come ahead in their field or get promoted and they almost get nothing after working so hard. But still, they are earning something with the honesty. *Salutes* to them.
You see the traffic police, most corrupt police guys you find there. They first catch you and demand some high amount like 400 bucks just for not having the PUC certificate. Okay, that's even fine that they ask for fine for this thing but common man can of course not pay 400 bucks for a PUC thing like this and they ask policemen "if something can happen". and Our damn HONEST policemen take 50 bucks from him and leave him. It's not that govt. doesn't know this thing, they know perfectly but still they don't do anything about this. Why? Just because they think how the policemen on road will do the corruption and can earn more money without entering money ? That might be the reason for some non-practical fines which someone is never going to pay. Sometimes you might have parked your vehicle in 'No Parking' zone. Yes, I have done these many times. And some of the sometimes your vehicle might have caught by the police truck and taken it to some police-chowki! yes, it happens. But, when you go there to get your vehicle back, they ask for 200 bucks. Okay, of course you not gonna pay him 200 bucks for it. and you end up giving him bribe of 50 bucks and take your vehicle back. Why they have decided to fine some big amount of money when they know people not gonna pay it ? question arise here too. Actually, they should set the fine money low so that it can avoid people giving bribe to the policemen. I am not saying we are not corrupt too. We even don't pay those fine money and give 50 bucks to the policemen and get free. Yes, we are responsible to make policemen corrupt too. We should not pay them directly, instead pay them the fine amount and get the official govt. fine receipt.

And another bad rule:

 If you pay the fine decided by the police for some particular misbehave or break of rule. You are allowed to do it the whole day. I mean, if I break a signal today at 5 pm and I pay the exact amount he wants and take the receipt, they give you a receipt which is valid for 24 hours from 5 pm. So, I am allowed to break signals for 24 hours from 5 pm. This is meaningless!

My suggestions:

1) The fine amount should be 50 bucks. So, people will not give the bribe to police, at least the amount of the bribes being given will decrease for sure. Like, "Police asks for 400 bucks, you settle for 50 and even you don't get the receipt, but if he asks for 50 as official amount, you would not settle it at 10 or 20 but pay it full and take the receipt."

2) The policemen should be punished and should be given salaries on the basis of their daily performance. I mean, what time he reached the spot where he has to work and what time he leaves, what he does. The total watch should be there. They can't take bribe not they can escape from the duty earlier.

3) People should avoid giving them bribe and should pay the full amount of official fine money.

4) The real honest policemen should be awarded some reward by keeping the daily watch on all the policemen.

Thanks for reading,
A Bad Blogger.

A Bad Blogger


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Mehul Vaidya said...

#TeamAnna movement clearly suggested that not just politicians but our comman man is corrupt. Unless everyone just focuses on oneself to fix corruption, it won't solve.

A Bad Blogger said...

Yes. True. I second that.

A Bad Blogger said...

Yes. True. I second that.

A Bad Blogger said...

Yes. True. I second that.