Decreasing reputation of Government engineering colleges of Gujarat

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Hi all, we all know that previously studying in some government college was considered to be more than good. If you study in government engineering college, it was considered to be very much better and would assure you a bright future. Yes, for some colleges like MS University, LD engineering, VGEC it still considered to be like this.
But this days, most of the people choose private colleges instead of government if they can afford the fees. Yeah! That's a bitter truth.
The reasons to choose private colleges over government colleges:
- In private colleges, you are assured to get better education than in government colleges. As the salaries given to the professors are just directly proportional to the work he does and the quality of study he gives to his students. So, of course to get some better salaries, they would teach better than those teachers who barely comes to teach, who are in govt colleges and just take their salaries for nothing. It's not always that the teachers in govt colleges don't study but at least they don't work hard as the teachers work in private colleges.

- In govt colleges, the practical instruments, labs, computers and infrastructure are rarely good. Where in private ones, they are awesome. If not awesome at least far better than private ones. The facilities which are given to the students are more in private of course.

- another reason, discipline in private one is always better than the govt. One. Yes, even the schedule of the govt college is not regular or I would say, just regular on papers or in time tables. But in private colleges, they better would be punctual. Yes, they would give some extra facilities just because they take more fees than govt ones.

- Government colleges have quota or reservations when they select professors and usually as my previous blog said above quota, very few are cream among the quota people. Private colleges doesn't have anything like that, they would pay higher to the prof and would get the better ones of course.

- In govt colleges, they usually bunk the class, I mean the students. And more number of mass bunks. But in private, it's usually not possible. If you do, you are gone. Yes, you are gone. Strict actions are taken and in govt. They put attendance of all the students.

The reasons why the reputations of govt colleges are decreasing according to me. No doubt, some colleges are there where it's strict and better equivalent to some private college but those are rare. Benefit of govt colleges, less fees. That's all. Nothing much except for some colleges. The example is that people get admission in govt colleges even after getting 50%. And that clearly shows that the reputation is decreasing. I will not unveil the name the name of the student who got into GEC even after getting 50%. And previously, the same college was was used to be filling up at 65-70%. Clear example.

I am not saying that one should not take admission in government college but we should increase the standards and make it equivalent to the private ones.

Solutions which can be done:

- the teachers should be paid according to their performances.

- Strict actions towards the misbehaviour should be taken.

- Provide facilities to the students.

- No reservation quota should be there while selecting the teachers for govt colleges.

- They should be regular.

If we follow above steps, we can solve the problem. We may not be able to solve it completely but it will at least raise the standards and would lead more students to take admissions in it.

Thanks for reading,
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