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We all like to ride vehicles but when it comes to get the license we all feel tired as we all know that these govt. employees who are there to give us license are damn irritating and slow. Yes. that's certainly is true.

"I just today only visited RTO, Vadodara to get license. And result was just the same.. I came back empty handed without having the license. RTO is about 12-15 kms from my house in Baroda and when I reached there, I picked up the form, the form guy tells me that the documents you have kept with you are sufficient. (Address proof, Birth date verification document ). But he didn't tell me where to go next after taking the forms. Okay, it's even okay as long as they have kept some sign boards saying you have to go here or there.. But NO, not a single sign board. Where to go ? went to that form seller and asked him where to go, then he said, go to window no. 15. I went there.. And stood in a long queue about 25 mins and when it was my turn, the guy in the window (office) told me, you have to stamp the papers from there.. Window no. 2!! Oh wait, what was that now? Are you kidding me ? I stood for half an hour just to go back and stamp my papers and come back and again half hour in queue ? Never mind, I was still fresh and went to window no. 2 as I wanted to have the license. The so called inspector checked the documents and when it came to verify the birthdate, he said.. Birth certificate is not allowed, bring 10th board marksheet or some other proof. What ? Birch certificate is not allowed to verify my age ? you again gotta be kidding me!! I showed him the original too, but no! he was not again convinced. Okay, the guy before told me that the papers I have got were sufficient and this 'Inspector' is denying to sign my papers. I have come so far 15 kms just to get this type of rejection ? And when I met the main guy of RTO (Don't know the post.). He said, it's none of my business, ask 'inspector' only. Bitch, don't you know what your persons are doing and what one should carry to take the license ? That means, you have not even got the license after doing some procedures like we do, otherwise you must be knowing what to bring. I tried to convince them but no, result was that I had to come back home without license and will apply it hopefully when I come back home the next time as I live in hostel."

Okay. The whole bloody system is bad, and needs to be upgraded a lot. The guy typing and signing the paper is damn rude. The guy typing the names in license is damn slow. The queues are very long due to only 1 RTO branch in the city. And it may happen that you are standing in the queue and if your turn comes and it's 3:00 pm, they may tell you to come back tomorrow. As their timings are from 10 to 3 pm.

My suggestions:

1) Every area must have a single RTO office. That's how you can reduce the crowd in main RTO and make the work faster. e.g. If you have 10 main area in the city, you create 10 mini RTO offices where you can get the forms and submit them and you just have to visit main RTO to give driving tests and all. It simply reduce the length of the queue 10 times and makes the work more efficient.
2) Okay, if they don't apply my suggestion 1, they should create some sign boards. As, the unknown guy who has come there the very first time would be confused where to go and the time he gets to know where to go, he already had wasted a lot of time.
3) The procedure to fill up the form should be online. Only the payment thing should be offline and should be handed over to the window man. Okay, I know that 50% people dont know how to use computer but then there must be an help centre in every area just in that RTO office which is in that area where you can fill up the forms, those who know how to use computer can fill it up from home. you just have to come up there in that office and show your birth date verification document there. And the things will be easier. The work load on the each worker will be lesser too. They will not be tired and the person who is there, trying to get the license will also not be tired.
4) Suggestion no. 1 and 3 are even useful to reduce the no. of unemployed people, Yes, there are too many who will be left but at least we can give some work to some unemployed. And it's not that govt. has no money to give them as salary, the govt. is super capable to pay them. So, they should.

I know, even if this suggestions are followed somewhere somehow, it will take too much time. But, we can take some steps towards this and post this suggestions in RTO department.

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