Hi all, we all know that previously studying in some government college was considered to be more than good. If you study in government engineering college, it was considered to be very much better and would assure you a bright future. Yes, for some colleges like MS University, LD engineering, VGEC it still considered to be like this.
But this days, most of the people choose private colleges instead of government if they can afford the fees. Yeah! That's a bitter truth.
The reasons to choose private colleges over government colleges:
- In private colleges, you are assured to get better education than in government colleges. As the salaries given to the professors are just directly proportional to the work he does and the quality of study he gives to his students. So, of course to get some better salaries, they would teach better than those teachers who barely comes to teach, who are in govt colleges and just take their salaries for nothing. It's not always that the teachers in govt colleges don't study but at least they don't work hard as the teachers work in private colleges.

- In govt colleges, the practical instruments, labs, computers and infrastructure are rarely good. Where in private ones, they are awesome. If not awesome at least far better than private ones. The facilities which are given to the students are more in private of course.

- another reason, discipline in private one is always better than the govt. One. Yes, even the schedule of the govt college is not regular or I would say, just regular on papers or in time tables. But in private colleges, they better would be punctual. Yes, they would give some extra facilities just because they take more fees than govt ones.

- Government colleges have quota or reservations when they select professors and usually as my previous blog said above quota, very few are cream among the quota people. Private colleges doesn't have anything like that, they would pay higher to the prof and would get the better ones of course.

- In govt colleges, they usually bunk the class, I mean the students. And more number of mass bunks. But in private, it's usually not possible. If you do, you are gone. Yes, you are gone. Strict actions are taken and in govt. They put attendance of all the students.

The reasons why the reputations of govt colleges are decreasing according to me. No doubt, some colleges are there where it's strict and better equivalent to some private college but those are rare. Benefit of govt colleges, less fees. That's all. Nothing much except for some colleges. The example is that people get admission in govt colleges even after getting 50%. And that clearly shows that the reputation is decreasing. I will not unveil the name the name of the student who got into GEC even after getting 50%. And previously, the same college was was used to be filling up at 65-70%. Clear example.

I am not saying that one should not take admission in government college but we should increase the standards and make it equivalent to the private ones.

Solutions which can be done:

- the teachers should be paid according to their performances.

- Strict actions towards the misbehaviour should be taken.

- Provide facilities to the students.

- No reservation quota should be there while selecting the teachers for govt colleges.

- They should be regular.

If we follow above steps, we can solve the problem. We may not be able to solve it completely but it will at least raise the standards and would lead more students to take admissions in it.

Thanks for reading,
A Bad Blogger.
Policemen are usually known as the corrupt people, no? Yes, for me, a BIG BIG yes! But, one more thing.. Not all the policemen are corrupt but 60% are.
Why is their impression so bad that without even a solid proof we call them corrupt and fraud ?
Yes, I have the answer. Do you see policemen doing their duty PROPERLY everyday ? I guess No. At least I don't see them doing it everyday. They do it just like they do on the days when CM or some Big man comes. Why not on other days ? Answer : If they work everyday like they do on the day when some politician or some big man come, they are not Indian Policemen.
Yes, I am not saying all are like that but most are like that. yes, there are many policemen who are damn honest and who are damn regular in their duty. I have a great respect for them. But just because of other policemen who don't work honestly, these guys can not come ahead in their field or get promoted and they almost get nothing after working so hard. But still, they are earning something with the honesty. *Salutes* to them.
You see the traffic police, most corrupt police guys you find there. They first catch you and demand some high amount like 400 bucks just for not having the PUC certificate. Okay, that's even fine that they ask for fine for this thing but common man can of course not pay 400 bucks for a PUC thing like this and they ask policemen "if something can happen". and Our damn HONEST policemen take 50 bucks from him and leave him. It's not that govt. doesn't know this thing, they know perfectly but still they don't do anything about this. Why? Just because they think how the policemen on road will do the corruption and can earn more money without entering money ? That might be the reason for some non-practical fines which someone is never going to pay. Sometimes you might have parked your vehicle in 'No Parking' zone. Yes, I have done these many times. And some of the sometimes your vehicle might have caught by the police truck and taken it to some police-chowki! yes, it happens. But, when you go there to get your vehicle back, they ask for 200 bucks. Okay, of course you not gonna pay him 200 bucks for it. and you end up giving him bribe of 50 bucks and take your vehicle back. Why they have decided to fine some big amount of money when they know people not gonna pay it ? question arise here too. Actually, they should set the fine money low so that it can avoid people giving bribe to the policemen. I am not saying we are not corrupt too. We even don't pay those fine money and give 50 bucks to the policemen and get free. Yes, we are responsible to make policemen corrupt too. We should not pay them directly, instead pay them the fine amount and get the official govt. fine receipt.

And another bad rule:

 If you pay the fine decided by the police for some particular misbehave or break of rule. You are allowed to do it the whole day. I mean, if I break a signal today at 5 pm and I pay the exact amount he wants and take the receipt, they give you a receipt which is valid for 24 hours from 5 pm. So, I am allowed to break signals for 24 hours from 5 pm. This is meaningless!

My suggestions:

1) The fine amount should be 50 bucks. So, people will not give the bribe to police, at least the amount of the bribes being given will decrease for sure. Like, "Police asks for 400 bucks, you settle for 50 and even you don't get the receipt, but if he asks for 50 as official amount, you would not settle it at 10 or 20 but pay it full and take the receipt."

2) The policemen should be punished and should be given salaries on the basis of their daily performance. I mean, what time he reached the spot where he has to work and what time he leaves, what he does. The total watch should be there. They can't take bribe not they can escape from the duty earlier.

3) People should avoid giving them bribe and should pay the full amount of official fine money.

4) The real honest policemen should be awarded some reward by keeping the daily watch on all the policemen.

Thanks for reading,
A Bad Blogger.

We all like to ride vehicles but when it comes to get the license we all feel tired as we all know that these govt. employees who are there to give us license are damn irritating and slow. Yes. that's certainly is true.

"I just today only visited RTO, Vadodara to get license. And result was just the same.. I came back empty handed without having the license. RTO is about 12-15 kms from my house in Baroda and when I reached there, I picked up the form, the form guy tells me that the documents you have kept with you are sufficient. (Address proof, Birth date verification document ). But he didn't tell me where to go next after taking the forms. Okay, it's even okay as long as they have kept some sign boards saying you have to go here or there.. But NO, not a single sign board. Where to go ? went to that form seller and asked him where to go, then he said, go to window no. 15. I went there.. And stood in a long queue about 25 mins and when it was my turn, the guy in the window (office) told me, you have to stamp the papers from there.. Window no. 2!! Oh wait, what was that now? Are you kidding me ? I stood for half an hour just to go back and stamp my papers and come back and again half hour in queue ? Never mind, I was still fresh and went to window no. 2 as I wanted to have the license. The so called inspector checked the documents and when it came to verify the birthdate, he said.. Birth certificate is not allowed, bring 10th board marksheet or some other proof. What ? Birch certificate is not allowed to verify my age ? you again gotta be kidding me!! I showed him the original too, but no! he was not again convinced. Okay, the guy before told me that the papers I have got were sufficient and this 'Inspector' is denying to sign my papers. I have come so far 15 kms just to get this type of rejection ? And when I met the main guy of RTO (Don't know the post.). He said, it's none of my business, ask 'inspector' only. Bitch, don't you know what your persons are doing and what one should carry to take the license ? That means, you have not even got the license after doing some procedures like we do, otherwise you must be knowing what to bring. I tried to convince them but no, result was that I had to come back home without license and will apply it hopefully when I come back home the next time as I live in hostel."

Okay. The whole bloody system is bad, and needs to be upgraded a lot. The guy typing and signing the paper is damn rude. The guy typing the names in license is damn slow. The queues are very long due to only 1 RTO branch in the city. And it may happen that you are standing in the queue and if your turn comes and it's 3:00 pm, they may tell you to come back tomorrow. As their timings are from 10 to 3 pm.

My suggestions:

1) Every area must have a single RTO office. That's how you can reduce the crowd in main RTO and make the work faster. e.g. If you have 10 main area in the city, you create 10 mini RTO offices where you can get the forms and submit them and you just have to visit main RTO to give driving tests and all. It simply reduce the length of the queue 10 times and makes the work more efficient.
2) Okay, if they don't apply my suggestion 1, they should create some sign boards. As, the unknown guy who has come there the very first time would be confused where to go and the time he gets to know where to go, he already had wasted a lot of time.
3) The procedure to fill up the form should be online. Only the payment thing should be offline and should be handed over to the window man. Okay, I know that 50% people dont know how to use computer but then there must be an help centre in every area just in that RTO office which is in that area where you can fill up the forms, those who know how to use computer can fill it up from home. you just have to come up there in that office and show your birth date verification document there. And the things will be easier. The work load on the each worker will be lesser too. They will not be tired and the person who is there, trying to get the license will also not be tired.
4) Suggestion no. 1 and 3 are even useful to reduce the no. of unemployed people, Yes, there are too many who will be left but at least we can give some work to some unemployed. And it's not that govt. has no money to give them as salary, the govt. is super capable to pay them. So, they should.

I know, even if this suggestions are followed somewhere somehow, it will take too much time. But, we can take some steps towards this and post this suggestions in RTO department.

Do comment your views about this post and share!
If you find something wrong in the blog, please tell So I can correct it.

Thanks for reading,
A Bad Blogger.

In India, we still have reservations in admission systems. Or I would say category wise admissions. Yes, we have many categories here like SC, ST, General, OBC, Physically Handicap, DN and many more.
This should not be there to be quite honest and practical. I mean the categories should not be there to get the admissions. Rather they should help the students who are poor and wish to study and take admission with money.
People who are from SC, ST, OBC, PH category usually get admissions even if they have got low marks then those of Generals who have not got the admission in some let's say X college.
I'm not against SC, ST, OBC people, I'm against the category system which is being followed. If, a girl or guy whose father's income is more than 3 lacs a year, does she really need to get those benefits ? I mean, her father can feed her nicely, can make her study in some decent coaching classes too. But if that girl belongs to some category even if she gets quite low marks, she gets admission.
People from General category are really poor in this matter I can say. I mean even if after scoring better than those from SC, ST, OBC people, they don't get admissions.
In my college only, if your AIEEE score is below 174/360 and you belong to general category, you don't get admissions. But if you come in some category like SC, ST, OBC and you get even 50 marks you get admission in first round. How ridiculous! I mean, the real talent is not given a chance and due to some category things, they are disappointed and feel bad for not getting admission in some nice college and may commit suicide.
If you really want to help people in admission, you make it monitory condition wise, I mean if someone's father's income is lesser than 2.5Lacs/annum, they should be given help in college fees and not admissions.
I'm not saying that SC, ST, OBC people are not getting marks and not working hard or anything. They do but those are rare. A ground reality is that most of the time they get admissions in some IITs and NITs just because they belong to category.
Now a days, if you belong to some category like SC, ST, OBC.. You have a certain super power I can say.. You get admission easily anywhere.
Okay, There are lots of engineering college in India but very few Medical colleges and even if they are many, the Govt Medical colleges are less.
If you chose Biology ( Group B ) in twelfth and you don't get enough percentage, you are sure not to get admission. But, even if after getting 86% you are supposed to get admissions on Payment Seats, Then that's bad.  And with even 50-60% a guy from SC, ST, OBC category gets admission in some govt. medical college and studies for free. That's certainly is bad, isn't it ? You work hard, You get percentage and just due to some 50-60% reservations you don't get admissions in medical. And the worst thing is that, if you don't get admissions in Govt. Medical colleges the Private colleges fees, most of us can't afford. 4-5 Lacs per annum fees is no smaller thing. So, in the admission process of Medical, I would say there should NOT be any reservations.
Because, due to this reservation system, students get disapointed and sometimes may commit suicide. I'm not again saying, I'm not against SC, ST, OBC caste people. I'm against reserved seats for you in the admission process.

One of the best poems I have read till now. 

Written by my friend Sneh Shah.
Check out!

"this is dedicated to all my parth school frnds

yad ave 6e school na e din
su lai sakse pa6a ane koi jin

pehla divase koi olkhe nai,ek frnd male kari wish,
ne bhagvan manya apya dost pachis

pa6i to j thay e eni kone padi ti
amne to barabar mastij chadi to

pa6i bhale ave harshad na niyam ke pa6i dabang
jindagi bhar yad rehse mitro tamaro sang.

koi ne keta padi to koi ne sada sat
nam jay bhad me bhale ne e mare lat

2 varsh malyo mitro tamaro avo sangath
k irsha kare mari e pan jene hajaro hath(means bhagavan)

yad ave 6e school na e din
su lai sakse pa6a ane koi jin."
1) 119* vs ENG-Manchester-14 August 1990-Draw-Test
2) 148* vs AUS-Sydney-6 January 1992-Draw-Test
3) 114 vs AUS-Perth-3 February 1992-Lost-Test
4) 111 vs SA-Johannesburg-28 November 1992-Draw-Test
5) 165 vs ENG-Chennai-12 February 1993-Won-Test
6) 104* vs SL-Colombo-31 July 1993-Won-Test
7) 142 vs SL-Lucknow-19 January 1994-Won-Test

8) 110 vs AUS-Colombo-September 9, 1994-Won-ODI
9) 115 vs NZ-Vadodara-October 28, 1994-Won-ODI
10) 105 vs WI-Jaipur-November 11, 1994-Won-ODI

11) 179 vs WI-Nagpur-2 December 1994-Draw-Test

12) 112* vs SL-Sharjah-April 9, 1995-Won-ODI
13) 127* vs KEN-Cuttack-February 18, 1996-Won-ODI
14) 137 vs SL-New Delhi-March 2, 1996-Lost-ODI
15) 100 vs PAK-Singapore-April 5, 1996-Lost-ODI
16) 118 vs PAK-Sharjah-April 15, 1996-Won-ODI

17) 122 vs ENG-Birmingham-8 June 1996-Lost-Test
18) 177 vs ENG-Nottingham-5 July 1996-Draw-Test

19) 110# vs SL-Colombo-August 28, 1996-Lost-ODI
20) 114# vs SA-Mumbai-December 14, 1996-Won-ODI

21) 169# vs SA-Cape Town-4 January 1997-Lost-Test

21) 104# vs ZIM-Benoni-February 9, 1997-Won-ODI
23) 117# vs NZ-Bangalore-May 14, 1997-Won-ODI

24) 143# vs SL-Colombo-3 August 1997-Draw-Test
25) 139# vs SL-Colombo-11 August 1997-Draw-Test
26) 148# vs SL-Mumbai-4 December 1997-Draw-Test
27) 155* vs AUS-Chennai-9 March 1998-Test
28) 177 vs AUS-Bangalore-26 March 1998-Lost-Test

29) 100 vs AUS-Kanpur-April 7, 1998-Won-ODI
30) 143 vs AUS-Sharjah-April 22, 1998-Lost-ODI
31) 134 vs AUS-Sharjah-April 24, 1998-Won-ODI
32) 100* vs KEN-Kolkata-May 31, 1998-Won-ODI
33) 128 vs SL-Colombo-July 7, 1998-Won-ODI
34) 127* vs ZIM-Bulawayo-September 26, 1998-Won-ODI
35) 141 vs AUS-Dhaka-October 28, 1998-Won-ODI
36) 118* vs ZIM-Sharjah-November 8, 1998-Won-ODI
37) 124* vs ZIM-Sharjah-November 13, 1998-Won-ODI

38) 113 vs NZ-Wellington-29 December 1998-Lost-Test

39) 136 vs PAK-Chennai-31 January 1999-Lost-Test
40) 124* vs SL-Colombo-28 February 1999-Draw-Test

41) 140* vs KEN-Bristol-May 23, 1999-Won-ODI
42) 120# vs SL-Colombo-August 29, 1999-Won-ODI

43) 126*# vs NZ-Mohali-13 October 1999-Test
44) 217# vs NZ-Ahmedabad-30 October 1999-Draw-Test

45) 186*# vs NZ-Hyderabad-November 8, 1999-Won-ODI

46) 116# vs AUS-Melbourne-28 December 1999-Lost-Test

47) 122 vs SA-Vadodara-March 17, 2000-Won-ODI
48) 101 vs SL-Sharjah-October 20, 2000-Lost-ODI

49) 122 vs ZIM-New Delhi-21 November 2000-Won-Test
50) 201* vs ZIM-Nagpur-26 November 2000-Draw-Test

51) 146 vs ZIM-Jodhpur-December 8, 2000-Lost-ODI

52) 126 vs AUS-Chennai-20 March 2001-Won-Test

53) 139 vs AUS-Indore-March 31, 2001-Won-ODI
54) 127* vs WI-Harare-July 4, 2001-Won-ODI
55) 101 vs SA-Johannesburg-October 5, 2001-Lost-ODI
56) 146 vs KEN-Paarl-October 24, 2001-Won-ODI

57) 155 vs SA-Bloemfontein-3 November 2001-Lost-Test
58) 103 vs ENG-Ahmedabad-13 December 2001-Draw-Test
59) 176 vs ZIM-Nagpur-24 February 2002-Won-Test
60) 117 vs WI-Port of Spain-20 April 2002-Won-Test

61) 105* vs ENG-Chester-le-Street-July 4, 2002-N/R-ODI
62) 113 vs SL-Bristol-July 11, 2002-Won-ODI

63) 193 vs ENG-Leeds-23 August 2002-Won-Test
64) 176 vs WI-Kolkata-3 November 2002-Draw-Test

65) 152 vs NAMI-Pietermaritzburg-February 23, 2003-Won-ODI
66) 100 vs AUS-Gwalior-October 26, 2003-Won-ODI
67) 102 vs NZ-Hyderabad-November 15, 2003-Won-ODI

68) 241* vs AUS-Sydney-4 January 2004-Draw-Test

69) 141 vs PAK-Rawalpindi-March 16, 2004-Lost-ODI

70) 194* vs PAK-Multan-29 March 2004-Won-Test
71) 248* vs BAN-Dhaka-12 December 2004-Won-Test

72) 123 vs PAK-Ahmedabad-April 12, 2005-Lost-ODI

73) 109 vs SL-New Delhi-22 December 2005-Won-Test

74) 100 vs PAK-Peshawar-February 6, 2006-Lost-ODI
75) 141* vs WI-Kuala Lumpur-September 14, 2006-Lost-ODI
76) 100* vs WI-Vadodara-January 31, 2007-Won-ODI

77) 101 vs BAN-Chittagong-19 May 2007-Draw-Test
78) 122* vs BAN-Mirpur-26 May 2007-Won-Test
79) 154* vs AUS-Sydney-4 January 2008-Lost-Test
80) 153 vs AUS-Adelaide-25 January 2008-Draw-Test

81) 117* vs AUS-Sydney-March 2, 2008-Won-ODI

82) 109 vs AUS-Nagpur-6 November 2008-Won-Test
83) 103* vs ENG-Chennai-15 December 2008-Won-Test

84) 163* vs NZ-Christchurch-March 8, 2009-Won-ODI

85) 160 vs NZ-Hamilton-20 March 2009-Won-Test

86) 138 vs SL-Colombo-September 14, 2009-Won-ODI
87) 175 vs AUS-Hyderabad-November 5, 2009-Lost-ODI

88) 100* vs SL-Ahmedabad-20 November 2009-Draw-Test
89) 105* vs BAN-Chittagong-18 January 2010-Won-Test
90) 143 vs BAN-Mirpur-25 January 2010-Won-Test
91) 100 vs SA-Nagpur-9 February 2010-Lost-Test
92) 106 vs SA-Kolkata-15 February 2010-Won-Test

93) 200* vs SA-Gwalior-February 24, 2010-Won-ODI

94) 203 vs SL-Colombo-28 July 2010-Draw-Test
95) 214 vs AUS-Bangalore-11 October 2010-Won-Test
96) 111* vs SA-Centurion-19 December 2010-Lost-Test
97) 146 vs SA-Cape Town-4 January 2011-Draw-Test

98) 120 vs ENG-Bangalore-February 27, 2011-Tied-ODI
99) 111 vs SA-Nagpur-March 12, 2011-Lost-ODI

100* vs BAN-Mirpur-16 March,2012- (ODI)

A Message by George Carlin:

The Paradox of our time in history is that we have `Taller Buildings but Shorter Tempers,
Wider Freeways ,
but Narrower viewpoints.
We Spend more, but Have less, We Buy more, but Enjoy less.
We have Bigger Houses and Smaller Families, More Conveniences, but Less Time.
We have More Degrees but Less Sense, More Knowledge, but Less Judgment,
More Experts, yet More Problems, More Medicine, but Less Wellness.

We Drink too much, Smoke too much, Spend too recklessly, Laugh too little, Drive too fast, get too Angry,
Stay Up too late, Get Up too tired, Read too little, Watch TV too much

We have multiplied our Possessions, but reduced our Values.
We TALK too much, Love too seldom, and Hate too often.

We've learned how to make a Living, but not a Life.
We've added Years to Life, not Life to Years.
We've been all the way to the Moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a New Neighbor.
We conquered Outer Space but Not Inner Space.
We've done Larger things, but Not Better things.

We've cleaned up the Air, but Polluted the Soul.
We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice.
We write more, but learn less.
We plan more, but accomplish less.
We've learned to rush, but not to wait.
We build more Computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we Communicate Less.

These are the times of Fast Foods and Slow Digestion,
big men and small Character,
steep profits and shallow Relationships.
These are the days of Two Incomes but more Divorce,
fancier Houses, but broken Homes.
These are days of Quick trips, Disposable Diapers, throwaway MORALITY stands, Overweight Bodies, and PILLS that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill.
It is a time when there is much in the Showroom window and nothing in the Stockroom.
A time when Technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can Choose either to SHARE this insight, or to just hit DELETE...

Spend some Time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember, Say a Kind Word to someone who looks up to you in Awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to Give a warm Hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it Doesn't Cost a Cent.

Remember, to Say, 'I LOVE YOU' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all MEAN it.
A Kiss and an Embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to `Hold Hands and Cherish The Moment' for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to Love, give time to Speak! And give time to Share the precious thoughts in your mind.


Life is not measured by the number of Breaths we take, but by the Moments that take our breath away.